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Mar 25 2023



The Resurrection

Yin Yoga with EFT & Sound Healing to Come Back to Life

with Saraswati Om & Reverend Lisa Sarick

To resurrect ourselves

to come back to life fully

to come out of hibernation,

whether it’s been 3 months or 3 years…

It helps to open the body and mind, gently, to the idea of a new way of being.

If you have been in a funk, in the dark, stuck or hibernating, this past winter, for months or for years,

and you want to reawaken, rise up and step out into the light…

join us for this special event uniting the heart-opening power of Yin Yoga postures and the mind-clearing work of Energy Psychology (including EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping).

This workshop is gentle, accessible to all and can have an incredible positive effect on your mood, attitude, motivation and sense of self worth. You will be moving into easy, yet deeply opening, Yin Yoga poses and then using EFT and other somatic healing techniques to clear trauma and unhelpful beliefs. These two forces combined will facilitate the release of stored feelings and allow the flow of energy throughout your being. We will then set new intentions and a clear vision for Springing forward into a bright future. As a special bonus YOU WILL RECEIVE A SOUND JOURNEY AND NATURE TRANSMISSION WITH SARASWATI

You will need:

Yoga Mat

Bolster or Blankets/Pillows

Yoga Blocks

Journal and pen


90 minutes 

Early bird until March 11, 2023 $99

After March 11, 2023 $108

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