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  • Date: Aug 08 2020
  • Time: 8:30 pm



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Aug 08 2020


8:30 pm



Virtual Lionsgate Portal Cacao and Sound Experience with Saraswati + Aevar

Lionsgate Portal Cacao and Sound Experience
With Saraswati and Aevar

Join Saraswati and Aevar on August 8th, the day of highest energy during the Lionsgate Portal. They will guide you through a hour long cacao ceremony followed by a sound journey. This year, this day also has the sacred alignment of Venus and Jupiter. Venus is the planet of love and femininity and Jupiter brings abundance and expansion. Come enjoy these high vibe feel good energies and let the cacao Devi and sacred sound instruments guide the way!

For your full enjoyment of a cacao ceremony:
The MAOI’s (monoamine oxidase inhibitors) in cacao interact poorly with anti-depressants. If you are on an anti-depressant please notify us beforehand so we can prepare you an appropriate (smaller) amount of cacao.
We recommend to eat a meal 2-3 hours before ceremony
No children under the age of 18 allowed
Please remember this is a sacred event, and to arrive on time and prepare accordingly
Cacao Ceremony

Please take note of the following guidelines to help facilitate your experience and to make sure our virtual offering is a success.
Preparing for the Sound Journey:
.Please turn off your phone or devices at home
.We recommend listening to the journey with ear buds or noise cancellation headphones
.Drink plenty of water before and after the Journey
.Sound transforms on a cellular level and being well hydrated assists the process.
.Drugs and alcohol are not recommended prior or after a sound journey.
How to set your space :
.Lie comfortably on the floor or your bed although you may fall a sleep for the night!
.Set intention
.Be sure to have the lights dimmed or off
.Journal – so you may journal your experiences or dreams the night of the sound & energy transmission

Price – $40
You will receive a link 15 mins prior to event. We ask that you have your space set and you start streaming with the collective at the start time. You will journey together and receive the transmission that Saraswati will be providing during the playback.

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