Apr 23 - 25 2021





Sacred Sound Medicine Training with Saraswati Om

Sacred Sound Medicine Training Module 1: Foundations of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl Therapy

Sound medicine is a highly effective healing modality, in which sound waves travel through the body effortlessly, removing blocks and dissolving the root of trauma, anxiety, and fear, allowing the recipient to move toward wholeness and a new state of being. Experience and access sound healing for yourself or learn how to incorporate sound medicine into your spiritual or healing practice in this in-depth training. This is a unique opportunity to study with master sound healer Saraswati Om in Iceland.

In this first module, we will focus on Crystal Alchemy Bowls. Crystal Alchemy Bowls are pure quartz crystal mixed with precious gems, minerals and metals with intention to achieve unique tones and therapeutic effects.
Topics of this training will include:

  • What is sound medicine?
  • History of crystal singing bowls
  • The Chakra system & Sound medicine
  • Color and sound
  • Frequencies
  • Intention
  • Grounding techniques
  • Elements of bowls and efficacy for healing specific conditions
  • How to set up and play alchemy bowls
  • Mallet use and technique
  • Pairing bowls for optimal effect
  • Creating sacred space with integrity and healthy boundaries
  • Designing group sessions
  • Designing one-to-one crystal alchemy bowl sessions

**Book list provided in training

You will have the opportunity to play with Saraswati in the popular sound journeys, and receive a certificate of completion upon passing the final exam.

No Alchemy Bowl purchase is necessary, but you will receive 11% discount should you choose to buy one during the course.

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